Fishing and Frogs!
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Tuesday, August 16, 2016
By Fran Willis Photography
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I had the best time with this little guy this weekend, He came prepared with his pole and, yes.... a toad too!! 

His sweet Mom called just before the session to tell me they were bringing "Froggy Frog" along!

I still cant get over his Huckleberry Finn outfit! It was just perfect for our outing.

Before we started out, I did double check to see if the frog was secured and off we went!

Before I knew it he was barefoot and fishing, I asked him "How big is the biggest fish you've ever caught?"  and well....... the BIG fish stories start young! He stretched out both arms as wide as he could!

We fished for a while but it was so hot the fish weren't biting, so we decided to pack up and look to see what else we could find, There was a Duck or two along the way and this little guy was ready to play in the water!


There's just something incredibly precious and calming about a young boys view of the world, Thank Heaven for little boys, fishing and frogs!


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Fran Willis - Hey Linda we are planning on being in Victoria this weekend if you want to coordinate the shoot. let me know Fran
Fran Willis - I'd love too! The falls would be an awesome place!
Linda Verser - Always beautiful pics next time you are home would like some of my 3 grandkids maybe at falls